Starting over

A little over a year ago, when my mind and body completely failed me, I started on a Low-FODMAP diet. During that time I learned a lot about food and dieting and ultimately ended up eating what I considered to be the healthiest and most realistic way of eating, the Paleo diet. I documented every day of it on this blog, listing my meals and how I felt through a physically and emotionally difficult time. A month ago, I deleted all those posts because I felt I didn’t need to do it anymore.

I’m obsessed with the Paleo diet and eating anti-inflammatory foods. I suspect I talk too much about it. Sometimes I feel like an outcast, because the reality is very few people eat a healthy diet. When I talk healthy eating with my friends or on Facebook, I feel like it makes others self-conscious of their own poor eating habits, and that makes me uncomfortable. I guess that’s unavoidable when 99% of people eat an unhealthy diet.

Never once have my intentions been to “preach” in any of my posts or discussions with friends, or to try to sway anyone into my preferred way of eating. My only intention has been to share my passion for healthy eating, and the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last year.

As of today I’m going back to posting here, instead of on Facebook or talking to friends about my passion. I’ll keep my thoughts for healthy eating where I can’t offend anyone, unless they choose to be here and accept my reality.

Now I begin my 30 day reset, restarting my Paleo and Anti-Inflammatory Food Journal once again.

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