Friday : Day 16 of reset

Breakfast: Water. 1/4 cantaloupe. 2 pieces pineapple.

Lunch: 2 local free-range eggs fried in bacon grease, lightly salted and peppered. 2 slices Natural Choice uncured bacon. Home fries, lightly salted and peppered.

Dinner: 6 oz. wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, baked and lightly salted, drizzled with fresh lemon. Broccoli, roasted with California Olive Ranch EVOO. Romaine, baby spinach, butter lettuce salad with 2 Tbsp California Olive Ranch EVOO and 1 Tbsp Napa Valley Naturals Raspberry Balsamic vinegar, emulsified.

Snacks: 2 pieces Lindt 85% dark chocolate. 1/4 cantaloupe. 1/2 small pineapple.

Notes: Morning blood pressure is high, I assume because I drank so much alcohol last night and I feel horrible today. My esophagus took a hit for the first time in a year. No more alcohol for me. Spending today drinking a lot of water, eating healthy, and resting.

Cheats: None

Morning BP and Pulse Rate: 147/88 – 57

Evening BP and Pulse Rate: 134/85 – 68

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